Strategic Professional Development Program for Young Researchers 

Yamaguchi University has been has been chosen as a partner organization for the implementation of the MEXT (Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology) grant called the “Strategic Professional Development Program for Young Researchers” (hereafter referred to as the MEXT Program).
The lead organization of this project is Hiroshima University, and the partner organizations are Yamaguchi University, Tokushima University and Ehime University.

                                    List of past topics
The research of Dr. Kunhao Yang who is a HIRAKU-Global Program faculty member selected for the 4th HIRAKU-Global Program is introduced. 
【July 4,2023】

The research of Dr. Yu Sato who is a HIRAKU-Global Program faculty member selected for the 3rd HIRAKU-Global Program is introduced. 
【June 28,2022】
Assistant Professor Yu Sato,Department of Biological Chemistry,Faculty of Agriculture,Graduate School of Sciences and Technology for Innovation,was selected as a HIRAKU-Global Program Faculty member for the 3rd term.
  (HIRAKU-Global Program Training Target)
【June 17,2022】

FY2022 Selection of promising "World-class" Researchers for the HIRAKU-Program
                                    【February 04,2022】

The social gathering between the president/director and tenure-track faculty members was held.
                                     【September 15,2021

 Program Objectives and Strategy

Hiroshima University, Yamaguchi University, Tokushima University and Ehime University formed the Consortium, “World-Class Researcher Development Through Regional Collaboration” (HIRAKU-Global) with the aim of launching a program to develop innovative, influential and impactful researchers in the global community.
The HIRAKU-Global Program selects highly capable tenure-track faculty members at Assistant Professor level (the HIRAKU-Global Faculty Members, (HGFM)) on a yearly basis. Thereafter, the Program provides the selected HGFM with start-up research funding, financial support to promote medium- to long-term research abroad, multiple experienced mentors, skills development opportunities through international collaborative research, etc. The Program will build a platform for the HGFM to establish multiple networks, allow them to be exposed to multi-disciplinary research activities, inspire each other and ultimately lead and manage the Program.
The Program will ensure their successful academic career, enhance their global profile and network, and accelerate international collaborative research. Ultimately, our collective efforts will enhance the global presence of the HIRAKU-Global Member Organizations in the region, as well as western Japan in general.




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記号 Hiroshima University(Lead Organization)
記号 Tokushima University(Partner Organization)
記号Ehime University(Partner Organization)    



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