Strategic Professional Development Program for Young Researchers 


We held an "Event between the President/Director and Tenure Track Faculty".

The event was held between the President / Director and tenure-track faculty members on Thursday, August 6th, 2020, with the participation of President Masao Oka, four directors, and eight tenure-track faculty members.

First of all, three tenure-track faculty members who have been newly appointed to Yamaguchi University after the last event (December 1st, 2019) introduced themselves and their research content using PPT.

Assistant Professor Hiroyuki Imai of the Joint Veterinary School, who arrived in April of this year and was selected as a member of the first phase of the HIRAKU-Global program, introduced a study to clarify why there are no non-ploid individuals in mammals.

President Oka (4th from the left in the front row), Assistant Professor Imai (3rd from the right in the front row).


Research introduction by Assistant Professor Imai


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